Core Rd Knitting Co

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- 2024

Core RD Knitting Co. merges the traditional art of 'Knyppling' with modern, exclusive clothing designs, emphasizing the deep-rooted craftsmanship that forms the core of human creativity and the evolution of fashion. Their commitment to blending innovation with the cherished heritage of the past reflects in their unique apparel, expressing the intricate journey of both humanity and the timeless skill of knitting.


The design is bold yet with a clean elegance. The layout is inspired by the feeling of opening a magazine. Where the startpage reflects something the user want to see more of but also the message of the brand.  

All clothing are unisex, it was important to show each peice natural without model and on both male and female models to fully express the capacity of the piece.

Product detail

High-quality images are paramount in showcasing the pieces, allowing the intricate details to shine, while product information is provided discreetly, ensuring the visuals take center stage.