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- 2023

Holebrook is a fashion brand filled where craftsmanship and comfort meets functionality and nordic design. Holebrook is heavily inspired by the nature and lifestyle on the Swedish west coast. Their inspiration is visible in all aspects of their website as well. From their brand colors to the content choices in every page of their website.


Holebrook's Scandinavian e-commerce design embodies the essence of minimalistic elegance and functional beauty. Navigating through the clean and intuitive interface feels like a seamless journey through Nordic aesthetics.

Marine colors and styles which leads your thoughts to sailing and the granite cliffs in the west archipelago of Sweden. That is the common thread in Holebrook’s website. The design was developed and later built in close cooperation with Holebrook and their design agency, Superstudio. Viskan’s Design team has built a website which is easy to maintain while staying true towards the Holebrook brand.


Lipscore is a dynamic tool that allows customers to share their authentic experiences. Rate and review products effortlessly, while also gaining valuable insights from other customers. By adding Lipscore, Holebrook creates a vibrant community woven together by communication and honest feedback.


Let customers share their shopping experiences using Instagram and the Cevoid intergration.

Holebrook has always had a close connection with their customers. By integrating Cevoid’s UGC module to the website Holebrook creates a way for influencers and customers to become part of the brand. Builder deeper connections and lasting relationships in the process.