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Design / UX - Design made by Viskan in close collaboration with Lager157 team

SEO - Optimization of website and continuously follow up of traffic


- 2023

This project was about the modernization of Lager157's website to make it accessible to all their customers on a higher level. Through close collaboration with Lager157, Viskan was able to update their website in terms of design and functionality. With a focus on simplicity, usability, and their omni-channel concept, Viskan successfully developed a high-standard e-commerce website.


Lager157's graphical profile revolves around three essential components: Black, White, and Arial. Despite their simplicity, these elements play a crucial role in the website's design.

To enhance its appeal and user-friendliness, the designers have employed contrasts throughout the entire layout. This includes contrasting headings and text, as well as experimenting with white and black backgrounds to achieve various visual expressions.

The combination of black and white creates a statement, complemented by subtle animations that add a touch of elegance to sliders, menus, and text, ensuring a smooth and captivating browsing experience.

The Denim Guide

The denim guide was a special part of the project, aiming to elevate Lager157’s big but carefully selected denim selection. The denim guide let the user explore each denim model individually. 

Because of the slim supply of products, Lager157 customers could familiarize themselves with the various models and delve into them in greater detail through the product hero image and descriptive product text.

Find store

The omni channel concept requires the possibility to get information about the stock balance in each store. The functionality lets the customer easily select a store by searching for it or sharing their location.

To improve the understanding of the store balance there are three levels of balance statuses; in stock, few in stock and out of stock. There is also info about the opening hours for each store.