Makeup Mekka

SEO - Continuously work with search engine optimisation

CMS - Built with Viskans CMS

Design / UX - Redesign made by Viskan to give Make up Mekka a modern look and feel

Lipscore - Great rating feature giving each customer the opportunity to be part of the community


Makeup Mekka is a young, playful, and trendy beauty brand from Norway. Makeup Mekka attracts a young generation of primarily women in Scandinavia. The mission was to create a vibrant online shopping experience which resonates with the target audience. The new design is centered around capturing the essence of youthfulness, creativity, and self-expression through makeup.


The new website design is part of a reinvention of Makeup Mekka’s brand. The foundation of the updated look and feel starts with a more modern font and ends with community building video content on product pages. All aspects of the website now follow a common thread to increase recognition and help both new and old customers make informed purchasing decisions. The new layout is designed to work just as well regardless of which type of device the visitor is using. Ultimately creating a better experience of the Makeup Mekka brand.

Along with the redesign project, Makeup Mekka also upgraded to the latest version of Viskan CMS. This allowed for more components and styling choices which ultimately created a better User experience.

Product reviews with Lipscore

Makeup Mekka wanted to create social proof by adding reviews to their website. The best option for Makeup Mekka was to integrate Lipscore to their ecommerce experience. Lipscore ensures that the reviews on the website are 100% guaranteed real reviews from actual customers who have bought the products before. By adding reviews, Makeup Mekka creates more certainty in the customers’ buying decisions which ultimately increase conversion on the website.

A smooth shopping experience

The typical customer buys multiple products every time they shop at Makeup Mekka. To make the shopping experience even better, we added a quickbuy functionality on the product listing page. By doing so we let the customer add more products to their cart with fewer clicks.