CMS - Built with Viskans CMS

Design - Viskan together with Abbeyworld

UX - Viskan carefully elaborated the subscription and my pages customer flows 

Subscription - Fexible grocery bag subscription through Viskans system



- 2022

In 2022, Middagsfrid sought to rebuild their online presence to meet the demands of the market. Middagsfrid identified the need for a new graphical profile as well as a new site offering new functionality that would bring in new customers. In our project with Middagsfrid we managed to design a completely new website with focus on the user experience in record time. Going into the project, Middagsfrid also migrated to Viskan Subscription for their daily operations. Thanks to a close and fruitful collaboration with the Middagsfrid team we managed to reach a record short time-to-market.

Focus on UX

To be able to create a great experience for the customers as well as keeping on par with the competition, we went through an extensive UX design process. We spent a lot of time mapping and testing the process of signing up as well as configuring meal kits, really bringing out the full potential of our design team and the customer journey.


The first design draft was based on an early version of Middagsfrids new graphical profile and would lay the foundation for their new look and feel online. The site was later redesigned in early 2023 based on the finalized graphical profile, only a few months after the initial release. The redesign was created by ABBY.WORLD and was heavily inspired by the Viskan Design team’s first version. The design conveys the company’s soul which is to inspire simplicity and health for meal kits.


Collaboration would prove to be the keyword for the great success of the implementation phase. Working tightly together Viskan and Middagsfrid managed to release a great looking site in record time. We also managed to add some playfulness to the design with animations and transitions on certain elements of the site.