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Flexible packages - Combining a set of products into one, where the customer makes all the choices



- 2022

Poseidon provides exclusive diving equipment to the experienced diver. Poseidon has a long history of providing highly technical diving equipment that is designed to perform even under the toughest circumstances. The typical Poseidon knows exactly what they want and need from their equipment. Therefore, Poseidon looked for an advanced Add to cart functionality which enables customers to design their own rebreathers to match their specific needs.

Flexible packages

Advanced functionality allows divers to create their very own diving equipment. A large register of conditions in the PIM makes it possible to customize highly technical equipment in an easy and straightforward way.

Product detail page & matching products

The product detail page is comprehensive, featuring a matching product section which aids customers in selecting the appropriate equipment. Towards the bottom of the page, you'll find similar options, designed to inspire customers to further explore Poseidon’s product range.