CMS - Built with Viskans CMS

Design / UX - Design made by Superstudio in collaboration with Viskan

Implementation - Unique implementation work by both Vildland and Viskan

Hello Retail - State of the art search engine delivered by Hello Retail


- 2023

Vildland has a broad product range of apparel and equipment for even the most demanding nature and wildlife enthusiasts. Vildland has worked in Viskan for many years now, and in 2023 it was time to update the website to better suit the Vildland brand.

Vildland’s visual expression is very clean and professional with high quality photography which gives the website a very modern and high end look. The design was created in close collaboration with Vildland and Superstudio. 


The implementation process of Vildland’s ecommerce website was unique. We built the website together, alongside each other. We chose to implement the design this way to ensure a high level of understanding of how the site was built and increase the knowledge of Viskan CMS amongst Vildland personnel. A very rewarding way of working for both sides of the project which gave us valuable insights in our customer’s daily operations.

Search functionality - Hello Retail

Through Hello Retail Viskan delivers a high standard search functionality that will help the customer find both relevant products and information based on their search input. An easy way to navigate to specific products for the customers that knows exactly what they’re looking for.